Rats In A Maze!

Has anyone ever seen a rat maze? Be it on t.v. or book etc? I have. There in movies all the time. Well here are my thoughts ….Call me crazy but to blog is to be free of all thoughts lol. We are rats in a maze. I mean look at our life’s. Get up go to work come home repeat. Now obviously there are some add on’s. Take a shower, eat etc. Everyone’s adjust a little differently if your single or have kids etc. But for the most part….Here it is…We are programmed and trained just like rats in a maze. Don’t believe me? What do you do come Thanksgiving? Christmas? Easter? New Years? You follow what was set in stone many many moons ago. Tradition. Now not everyone does all of that. And no way shape or form am I meaning to insult anyone’s religious beliefs or way of life. So please don’t take offense. This is not a religious topic. I’m just saying…crazy if we stop and think about it. Last year I was in the mall around Christmas and I just stopped for a second, being on the second level I looked down and just watched all the people swarming like bees. Yes I thought to myself…how many are shopping for others in hopes they will get something also? How many are shopping for others and don’t care if they get something, they just want to give. And how many are doing it because they felt they HAD too. They are pushed into it. I mean imagine, how would your friends and family react if you were like Hey not celebrating holidays Anymore! Your friend list would get smaller. My point is this, Why can’t we buy a present for someone because we love them or because there just cool or did something awesome? Why do we have to do it on certain days and run around and get Valentine Fowers,Easter Eggs,Presents etc and be flat broke or close to on someone else’s scheduled time saying we have too? Rats In A Maze. Thanks for reading. Please like and subscribe to catch more!!

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