How Much We Take For Granted.

Good morning everyone! So not sure where everyone is at, but right now in VA. It’s 8:19am. So this will be my 3rd blog and I really appreciate all the comments and help. And of course ALWAYS love the likes! Sooo on to my blog. I have checked out many sunsets. I love sunsets. There so amazing. It’s crazy how at a certain time of the day how gorgeous the sky can get. And the crazy part is, it’s not doing anything special. At one of my last ones I was stunned at the beauty in the sky…Like I had never seen the gorgeous clouds that seemed flawless, the bright sun like gold, the reds and purples and such. Amazing. And as I stood there watching it, I wondered… Who else is watching it? Who else is standing outside while they walk there dog and admiring it? Looking thru there car window as they drive home? Looking out there office window maybe? The weird part is…I felt alone. I felt like I was the only one that day that was watching it. Maybe it sounds selfish…but a challenge to all. When was the last time YOU truly admired the sun setting? I know I’m not the only one. But I also thought about the people who don’t. The ones that don’t care. That’s because that’s one of the many things in this world people take for granted. It’s sad really. It may seem crazy but when was the last time you stopped and admired a tree? It’s color, the powerful roots, the strength of it? And ALSO acknowledged at the same time your alive because of that tree. Obviously not just that one..but it still helps produce oxygen to help. But many people just say..oh a tree. Oh the sun,whatever. I think if we stopped and smelled the roses as the saying goes…We would indeed appreciate life more. So I challenge all who read this. Find something you appreciate in this world…a World thing (not a person or animal) Even tho animals are amazing! lol. But like trees, the sun, the wind, rain. Somthing.. Find it..admire it. And hit me back and let me know what it is and why. I would love to know. Thanks for reading my 3rd blog! I wish you all much luck!

2 thoughts on “How Much We Take For Granted.”

  1. So true, we don’t seem to “stop and smell the roses”, we rush, rush, rush and don’t take time to take in the beauty of everything around us.


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