Why Are We Evil?

Why are we Evil? Bare with me as this is my first post. Still figuring it out. Thank you. So evil…not like Joker evil (Heath Ledger) rest his soul. But … Well stubborn evil. Rude evil. Example. . Why after all these years do we STILL treat people different because of there skin color/race? There religion? Height? Size? All of it. Lord knows how we act if there gay! Like we are so perfect ourselves when we look in the mirror?! The night before you were out selling drugs but you DARE to mock someone else because of there race,height, or who they decide to sleep with? You were robbing someone the night before but ohh your so perfect?! Maybe you beat your kids or wife the night before but you DARE to stand there and judge? You showed up late for work everyday yet your perfect? You lie,cheat and steal….But you want to judge?! Why?! And then we complain about the lack of respect . We are all guilty. Why can’t we just get along with each other? Why do we have to be so damn…human? We should be more like dogs…love everyone and don’t judge. Easily forgive and always loyal. Just a little vent. Hope you like my first post. Thanks for reading! 

1 thought on “Why Are We Evil?”

  1. How very true, I see it all the time in my profession. People act they are the best thing since slice bread and then turn into the most nasty people I’ve ever met. They act like they can do no wrong and everyone else is to blame for their woes.


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