Rats In A Maze!

Has anyone ever seen a rat maze? Be it on t.v. or book etc? I have. There in movies all the time. Well here are my thoughts ….Call me crazy but to blog is to be free of all thoughts lol. We are rats in a maze. I mean look at our life’s. Get up go to work come home repeat. Now obviously there are some add on’s. Take a shower, eat etc. Everyone’s adjust a little differently if your single or have kids etc. But for the most part….Here it is…We are programmed and trained just like rats in a maze. Don’t believe me? What do you do come Thanksgiving? Christmas? Easter? New Years? You follow what was set in stone many many moons ago. Tradition. Now not everyone does all of that. And no way shape or form am I meaning to insult anyone’s religious beliefs or way of life. So please don’t take offense. This is not a religious topic. I’m just saying…crazy if we stop and think about it. Last year I was in the mall around Christmas and I just stopped for a second, being on the second level I looked down and just watched all the people swarming like bees. Yes I thought to myself…how many are shopping for others in hopes they will get something also? How many are shopping for others and don’t care if they get something, they just want to give. And how many are doing it because they felt they HAD too. They are pushed into it. I mean imagine, how would your friends and family react if you were like Hey not celebrating holidays Anymore! Your friend list would get smaller. My point is this, Why can’t we buy a present for someone because we love them or because there just cool or did something awesome? Why do we have to do it on certain days and run around and get Valentine Fowers,Easter Eggs,Presents etc and be flat broke or close to on someone else’s scheduled time saying we have too? Rats In A Maze. Thanks for reading. Please like and subscribe to catch more!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

On this special day, for this special purpose we celebrate those who are Mother’s! It goes so much deeper then the here and now. Think of some of the greatest people in history. Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Albert Einstein, Susan B. Anthony….they all had 1 thing in common, they were born,carried and conceived from…you guessed it…A mother! Lol. So for all those woman who have given birth to kids all over I salute you as this world wouldn’t be the same without you. They didn’t make history…YOU Did! You carried that kid/those kids for 9 whole months. Kudos! And for those that have lost…my deepest condolences. I have been there. Having a miscarriage or just in general losing a kid…thats a horrible feeling. Unspeakable. I know it’s a sad thing to bring up…but my blogs wouldn’t be true if I didn’t . For those moms…My heart goes out to you and yours. Know that you are loved deeply and your time to shine even tho it may now be in the ship you want…it will still be there to set sail when the time is right. Stay strong to all. And thank you to ALL moms…just like a marine, Once a mother, Always a Mother. Have a great day!

How Much We Take For Granted.

Good morning everyone! So not sure where everyone is at, but right now in VA. It’s 8:19am. So this will be my 3rd blog and I really appreciate all the comments and help. And of course ALWAYS love the likes! Sooo on to my blog. I have checked out many sunsets. I love sunsets. There so amazing. It’s crazy how at a certain time of the day how gorgeous the sky can get. And the crazy part is, it’s not doing anything special. At one of my last ones I was stunned at the beauty in the sky…Like I had never seen the gorgeous clouds that seemed flawless, the bright sun like gold, the reds and purples and such. Amazing. And as I stood there watching it, I wondered… Who else is watching it? Who else is standing outside while they walk there dog and admiring it? Looking thru there car window as they drive home? Looking out there office window maybe? The weird part is…I felt alone. I felt like I was the only one that day that was watching it. Maybe it sounds selfish…but a challenge to all. When was the last time YOU truly admired the sun setting? I know I’m not the only one. But I also thought about the people who don’t. The ones that don’t care. That’s because that’s one of the many things in this world people take for granted. It’s sad really. It may seem crazy but when was the last time you stopped and admired a tree? It’s color, the powerful roots, the strength of it? And ALSO acknowledged at the same time your alive because of that tree. Obviously not just that one..but it still helps produce oxygen to help. But many people just say..oh a tree. Oh the sun,whatever. I think if we stopped and smelled the roses as the saying goes…We would indeed appreciate life more. So I challenge all who read this. Find something you appreciate in this world…a World thing (not a person or animal) Even tho animals are amazing! lol. But like trees, the sun, the wind, rain. Somthing.. Find it..admire it. And hit me back and let me know what it is and why. I would love to know. Thanks for reading my 3rd blog! I wish you all much luck!

Why Woman Are Weaker Then Men.

Well if that’s not a fire starter I don’t know what is. Relax ladies before you filet me.  . . Read first. It’s all about drawing attention to actually OPEN and Read…and of course…please Like! Are woman weaker then men? Hell no! I’m not sure if I can say that word on here but I just did lol. Woman get the run around so much…but there are so many woman who are so strong minded, strong willed..and yes guys…even just strong. Stronger then you and I. I saw a construction company on the road today doing there thing with the whole stop and slow signs. And there were at least 2 women I saw working there…and I loved it! I am very much for women and there rights…but here is the deal….Why? Why should I have to believe in something that should just be? A woman is a human just like a man. She has hands and feet and a brain just like a man….Why do we as a cultural have to think if a woman can handle a certain position? There is a lot of jobs woman can do 100 times better then a man hands down. We have come a long ways with woman’s rights and for that I’m happy. But I want it to be the day when I do see those female construction worker’s and I’m not shocked… I’m shocked to see the men. So no, Woman are not weaker then men ladies. Because I don’t think I could waddle around for 9 months for starters or bleed every month and be ok with it. Kudos to all woman. Keep fighting. Keep surviving. Some men out there still believe in you and will be in your corner….I know I will.

Why Are We Evil?

Why are we Evil? Bare with me as this is my first post. Still figuring it out. Thank you. So evil…not like Joker evil (Heath Ledger) rest his soul. But … Well stubborn evil. Rude evil. Example. . Why after all these years do we STILL treat people different because of there skin color/race? There religion? Height? Size? All of it. Lord knows how we act if there gay! Like we are so perfect ourselves when we look in the mirror?! The night before you were out selling drugs but you DARE to mock someone else because of there race,height, or who they decide to sleep with? You were robbing someone the night before but ohh your so perfect?! Maybe you beat your kids or wife the night before but you DARE to stand there and judge? You showed up late for work everyday yet your perfect? You lie,cheat and steal….But you want to judge?! Why?! And then we complain about the lack of respect . We are all guilty. Why can’t we just get along with each other? Why do we have to be so damn…human? We should be more like dogs…love everyone and don’t judge. Easily forgive and always loyal. Just a little vent. Hope you like my first post. Thanks for reading!